Welcome ♥

Huu :O Welcome to my Blog guys!

My Name ist iPink in Graal Era online and I wannablog some stuff, like you can see in the Header!

Well, now something about me (more’ll come later):

I’m 15 Years old (in 3 days 16 ^.^) and Female!

I have 627 hours atm xD and I hope they’ll get more soon ö.Ö

Well I’m taken ♥♥♥ Holigaaiiinn ♥♥♥

Hmm best Gang EAP 😀 Whooooo PIX! Haha he’s realy good in making furniture, and Xertic, whoa he’s soo good gfx! hmm when he’ll get heired xD

My Sisters in Graal xD kinda newbie but well anyway they are: Charlie♥, iRayRay♥, Tinay♥ ily all

I’ll finish this xD Gets too long!

Ok, 1 last information: never eat yellow snow!

Cya Guys! (more’ll added soon)


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