Congratz Ray and Rec!♥

Haii♥ Whoa yesterday was a realy cool and cute day(german time)

Well my Sister RayRay and her Bf RecureZ got married :3

Soo cute!!! It was awesome, well Kooh made the wedding and I was the priest xD

Well here’s a pic:

Rly full 😀 And afte rit there was a Party:

All in all it was rly nice♥ U knew I was married too?

His name was Felix 😀 He’s nice but idk why we broke up, anyway here u can see:

Shukie made the Wedding, and Tizzee was there!!! Layerd also 😦 But today he isn’t my friend anymore… I liked him but I guess he didn’t liked me…

Well Anyway Bai Era Oh and here the Results of my question:

There’ll be added a new Graphic Side with heads and other stuff, Enjoy!

Bai, Love, iPink

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