It’s iRayRay :D

■I’m new idk what to do i need to learn more about this website by iPink<3 haha i will tell about myself a bit too.
■I'm called iRayRay 😀 i used to play Graal Classic which i rly liked the most and it was fun with my friends and now they my old friends they like family to me i rly miss them cos some quit cos of fking school and they get on like few days 😦 some gone forever like my first friend girl Clarry i miss her so much my first friend as girl and first friend as boy AC. Thanks to my friends i rly enjoy playing online games and it rly fun:).

I moved to iEra cos friends not on anymore much 😦 thats pretty sad of me waa well i just to get over it and i met guy named RecurveZ'' i couldnt leave him alone cos he was so interesting omg:o then i start having fun 😀 and am rly so happy with him sooo happy and my name is now iRayRayZ''. Tinay my sister who made me sexy customs like her when i was noob and thanks to her later stupid ppl stole customs and i decide with Charlie and iPink to be triples iPink so good at head love all her heads and same to Tinay her bodies :). Love Josh's (Rec's irl bro) customs he makes funny customs 😀 and my bf RecurveZ'' rly good at edit and gfx :). Around me All good at customs its how i get cool looks and ppl stole D:.

Now iPink,Charlie, and Tinay is my sisters like triples and kaitos our lil sister<3

Next blog I will type all my old friends name and Era who i rly know the most and who i rly talk the most hmm thanks ppl and about them how much they mean to me and thanks iPink<3.

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