iRay’s Old Friends!

Hi again miss me!? XD

I wanna my old friends name here so I always wanna remember them plus I can never forget them sometimes cos old days was rly fun.

iClassic my guild/gang was: Boys n Girls Graal School. It was fun and kinda popular to me cos most ppl wanted to join and now i gave up cos my favorite ppl quit and some comes bak to check and they busy in real life plus it’s their life so I don’t have to make keep playing like me >.<. xD

Clarry,Stella,JellyBelly,Star,Sakura,Chocolate Cookie,Kiera,Shodei,Norah,$$kylarr,Kaire,Scarlet,Chloe,Cutie,Izzy and Caity.

AC,Shadow,icola,Kouiji,Risk,iPen,Slade,Shayne,Lester and Jason.

Thanks to them I had so much fun ages ago:))<3 I miss you guys hope come back :). Plus they my fav few idk about them but they were in my guild so it was fun as :D.

Love Ray<3 😀

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