What’s New With Sisters!? :o

Hello, it’s me Ray again:D miss me!? 😉 haha!.

What’s new with sister!? Hmmmm
Mariah the admin wanna join us 😀 she’s 16. We agree she can join 😉 plus she should be with us and for pictures and more when we need her. Our new head is our new favorite head and hope people don’t stole it pisses us off grr ^.,..,^. Mariah will be our new sister so she gets kinda different head isn’t good idea!?.

Okay we sisters got our heads and iPink gonna make Mariah’s head and she’s so awesome. Kaitos our lil sister got her new head and it’s rly awesome and cute and suits her I love her<3.

Tinay finished our body it looks so real I rly love it I didn't like the body at first and when I wear it I fking love it. Tinay best at bodies thanks to her for the body and she might sell bodies again soon I'm glad 🙂 and plus it was iPink's idea thanks to her as well<3

iPink does our head and Tinay does our body and Me and Charlie and Kaitos decides some ideas and share and we are pretty good and I love customs. Me and Charlie good at fking haha jk 😀 well thanks.

Love you sisters<3
Love You so much RecurveZ" ❤


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