About Me?

Hell0! sorry I didn’t post much few days becuase too busy with RecurveZ” my boyfriend :).

Thanks to iPink I really loved the video she made for me it made so happy thank you and I love you iPink:).

I don’t know what to blog about so needed help and Kaitos my sister said about you and that’s good idea:).

  • Real life names are secret 😀
  • I’m 15 I will be 16 on October 23 🙂
  • Played classic 1000+ hours and now Era 1000+ hours but I wasn’t afk like while asleep or school just sometimes used to at Era when i was a noob and plus i don’t like getting alot hours idk why xD.
  • My favourite colors Black,Blue and Purple.
  • I don’t hate people cos I born this way and just dont like some who annoys me.
  •  I love my old friends and friends right now.
  • I love my sisters and brothers
  • I love you RecurveZ”
  • Sorry, if its short idk what else to say xD

– iRayRayZ”

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