Hello, I wanna talk about RecurveZ” my boyfriend :). 
When me and my real life brother he changes alot his name was Jimmy,Usher,Mix,Maxi.
He wanted me play Era than Classic so I was noob he helped me. Then I saw a guy named RecurveZ”
I was like “Nice look” he was like “Thanks” I keep saying like “nice head, nice body, nice hair etc..” He was laughing 🙂
but I had to sleep it was late night here. I lost him 😮 so went back to Classic my brother got pissed cos he hates Classic xD and when old friends quitted I moved to Era try and like it and I kinda liked then I saw someone named RecurveZ” I come back like a few weeks or month and saw him pm him and he was so interesting omg ;o. I keep making him date me xD cos I can’t help it I loved him. He said he not dating online anymore but I still making him date me xD then found out it was RecurveZ” from before same sexy look 😉 and told him and he was like “Oo its you haha who was saying nice look” xD.
I always pm him plus we different time zone I had school holidays for 2 weeks I spent 2 weeks with him every morning I woke up and pm him and I couldn’t leave him alone haha!. I don’t know what I like about him but I like everything about him. It was fun:) one day I told him school starts after next day I won’t be on your time then he started telling me he likes me as well I was so happy 🙂 but he didn’t wanted to date cos game online sucks. On my birthday he saying will give me some present but all I thought he will ask me out but I fail it wasn’t true haha he gave me awesome present it was so romantic :). After 2-3 days he finally asked me out I was so damn happy :). We both start liking each other in real life even don’t know how we look like no matter what I love him:). Other day he skipped school and I stay all night were talking and then he said “you are so sweet” and said “Will you marry me?” I was so damn happy omg :)) cos it’s so romantic and I said “Yes!” . Now we married and it’s like 3 months dating and other month knowing each other. I love him so much even feelings gets stronger hope I meet him and live rest of my life with him. Now my name iRayRayZ” and Z” family :).
– Don’t remember when I met him first time.
– I met him again like near October 2011.
– Got together 25 October 2011.
– Married 22 January 2012.
                                                                                                         I LOVE YOU RECURVEZ”
Love iRayRayZ” ❤ RecurveZ”.
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