Sad Feeling?

Hello, it’s Ray!

I feel so sad inside me because I can’t meet RecurveZ” anymore much
:(. When I woke up his at school, when I go to school his back from school, when school ends of the day he asleep and when my time to sleep at night his place just morning that’s sucks:( have to get used to it and can’t wait until weekends to meet but weekends isn’t enough for us xD. I love him so much, I even think I can’t wait to grow up and meet him. I love him no matter what! :). Now all I wish is to have him in real life <3. I wondering how it feels when u with ur lover cos I never fall in love, not interesting in other guys and I wasn't interesting in love stuff either all I was thinking after you get married or have boyfriend life is like over and nothing else to do.
But RecurveZ" changed me and he is way different and never felt this way I love him so much<3.


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