Moved on!


I always wanted game online like “Graal Online” my two younger brothers Usher and Farhad as game name they both made me try but I made fun of the game xD because when I saw it looked really fake cos I was playing other game in pc it was IMUV I think it wasn’t that good tho cos it’s sexual and it’s just pc player.

One day my lil bro said try this game I said no he said just try then I did I kinda slowly liking it xD I keep playing and I liked it so fast 😮 hehe :). IMUV I played like few days then I quit after I got graal. AC was my first friend in graal I was his friend’s guild/gang we took tower and hang out it was fun:). I start liking more and more but my other brother moved to Era I made fun of ERA xD cos people all afk hehe but now it’s way different I love it!.

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