Sorry guys I havn’t post anything for ages sorry you know how I feel inside me when I lost someone important person to me:(. It feels like my heart is dropping and all I see is darkness and memories of me and him :,(. People saying get over it it’s a game… I know it’s a game but my feelings for him was in real life we loved each other more than anything, I have always dream of him and me couple on couch together listening to music but I had 5 dreams of him and others I make it up. I always got over it when I broke up with ex but RecurveZ” is way different I have always wanted a guy who would love me as much as I love, he is like that I wished and now I can’t forgive myself that I hurted him:(. It’s most girl’s dream a guy to love a girl as much as girl do. I wish RecurveZ” forgive me but he..quited. I’m too late fml. I wish he was reading this.

I’m sorry RecurveZ” what I have done *sniffs* I love you so much RecurveZ”. Theres Rec not my side I go crazy and mess up like i used to be4 i met you cos idk what I’m doin im so stupid and sorry about this theres no rec my side this way how i am :/.

I don’t know why I’m crazy about him ❤ My love was too strong for him. I will never forget the memoires with you and you will always be inside my heart even im messing up cos no one can stop me only rec<3.

Don’t ask why we broke up, thanks.


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